phone email


A friend made this amazing meringue… to celebrate another friend’s 30th (which we photographed on her instant camera, hence the glorious 70s tinge to the second photo)… 



I had glorious cake at work… to make up for having to stand by this display and answer questions two days in a row…



I made it up to myself by going garden shopping at the weekend and found this incredible bbq-firepit-table… this fairy reading a book statue… and this drinks cooler shaped like a Texas truck…




I managed to squeeze in lunch in the sun with Khrieu…


And after all that excitement, I had to sit on the floor as Clover All Over had stolen my seat and conked out.


I’ve also managed to pack in looong catch ups on the phone with Hannah and with Claire, an unexpected email from Wendy, stumbling across my cousins’ YouTube channel (and immediately resolving to up my game and make some damn videos already), brunch with Caitlin and Sam, seeing Ellie and Lee’s new home, visiting Ted’s new home, and packing up this month’s Ink Drops parcels in record time.

With the exception of one mammoth migraine (and even that had its silver lining – it’s my first in more than six months), it’s been a good month so far… and is set to get even better.

Last minute photoshoot prep - argh
Chocolate nostalgia