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Hello! Lovely to meet you, I’m Carla. I’ll just put the kettle on while we chat…

A quirky thirty-something photographer with a penchant for unicorns, mermaids, glitter, cake and dressing up,  I’m leading a colourful rebellion.

You don’t have to stop believing in magic or trying new things for fun just because you got older and were supposed to “grow up”. Who said grown up had to be boring?

I want creative women of all ages to discover and experience the magic in every day, and learn how to create their own.

Fire your creative soul with my free Awaken ecourse, and join me as I write about my journey through passions and passing fancies. 

I’m a photographer for small businesses & their owners, showing them at their very best so they can share their business journey with pride. I also write & podcast about multipotentialite life, all over at

Even better, come and discover your body positivity and sides of you that have been hidden at  Unfurling Your Wings and the power of stories and your secret alter ego when she’s woven into your everyday life.

I also help grown ups become real mermaids through photoshoots and hen parties at Mermaiding UK 🙂

Something specific you’d like to ask? Give me a shout!

Want to know more?

I’ve been blogging since November 2004, and some of my favourite topics include improving body image, as I’ve come full circle from hating my body to loving it and revealing it as a burlesque dancer; living your life against society, family or peer expectations, having walked out of a well paid City job in my late twenties to live life on my own terms; and doing the things that matter to you regardless of what other people think, usually referred to as the stopped-giving-a-shit theory.

Girly, geeky and having firmly embraced my woo woo side (mostly tarot, crystals and manifesting these days), I want to help you unlock your most fabulous self and live life as you choose, not as you’re told you should.

I help women discover and step into their most amazing selves via the power of photography and their alter ego, and my other life & biz interests include mermaiding, burlesque, photography & coaching for small business owners and a nostalgic stationery subscription box and slow living company.

My other interests range from crafting to horse riding, roller skating to reading and watching my cats Luna and Clover get into mischief. I love to work on the go from my car, and can often be found mooching with notebook in one hand and my camera in the other.

Since leaving the City I’ve created a life where everything I do is different, but I do something I love all the time, so work and play are intertwined and impossible to separate. I want to help you do the same, so you can live the best possible version of your life.

So now we know each other a bit better – come and play!

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