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I believe…

I believe in living deliberately.

I believe in being totally and unapologetically yourself.

I believe in unicorns, fairies and magic.

I believe 9-5 office jobs are dying.

I believe in freedom.

I believe in living in your natural rhythm.

I believe in embracing your quirks.

I believe in living in the moment. For now, not for later this evening or last weekend or three years ago. Now.

I believe in saying thank you.

I believe in saying I love you. You can never say I love you too much.

I believe in being able to work from anywhere, even if the anywhere you choose is in your living room with a cat on your lap.

I believe in dancing in the rain.

I believe in loving the body you have.

I believe in expressing yourself in any way that feels good.

I believe in creating a life where work and play are intertwined, where you love everything that you do.

I believe in family.

I believe that friends are truly the family you choose for yourselves.

I believe in eating for health and happiness, not for weight or looks.

I believe in the joy of movement, not the slavery of the gym.

I believe in journalling and the power of words.

I believe that capturing a moment or an emotion on camera, is one of the most magical things we can experience.

I believe that you can’t always define the things that make you happiest.

I believe that you should take every opportunity for happiness and joy, however fleeting.

I believe in retreating from the world every now and again to gather my thoughts.

I believe in surrounding yourself with people who love you and believe in you.

I believe that finding likeminded people is one of the most priceless things you will ever do.

I believe in being multipassionate.

I believe in believing in your dreams even when other people don’t.

I believe in living to your rules, not someone else’s.


What do you believe?

I'm Carla, a quirky thirtysomething with a penchant for unicorns and glitter. I believe in magic and make-believe, and the gorgeous rebellion of making your life absolutely your own. And I'm a proud multipod!

I am a photographer and catalyst for small business owners, and a real life mermaid. I photograph people as they truly are, help women see and step into their brightest and best selves, add a sprinkling of magic to the mundane, and am a happy ambassador for stationery and slow living.

Proud to be both girly and geeky, when I’m not writing, photographing or daydreaming, you can find me dancing burlesque, riding my bicycle Bluebell, growing herbs and collecting typewriters.

2020 Things

Things I want to do in 2020. Partly from my Daydreams To Do list and also from my general goals for the year.

~ Steampunk events ~ experiment with film cameras ~ walk more ~ explore Colchester ~ beach time ~ kitty portraits ~ western riding ~ spa days ~ silversmithing ~ learn to make bath bombs ~ recreate Lush's Angel's Delight soap fragrance ~ work in sterling silver ~ build a catio ~ handwritten letters ~ photobook of the house project, the cats, Poppy & Dad ~ print my own photos

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