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Almost all products, clothes, services, etc on are things I’ve bought independently and liked enough to write about.

Occasionally I’m sent something for free to review, and I am a member of BzzCampaigns.  Any post which features a free product, will state this.

Even more occasionally, I accept either payment to write a post, or payment for a post that has been written by someone else. I still only accept products/services that I would use or have used, and posts will be marked if they are not written by me, or if they have been sponsored by a company or organisation.

Whether I’ve been sent a product for free or (most frequently) bought it myself, I only feature products and services that I would use myself.

Some links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through to the site and buy something, it won’t cost you any more but I will get a small percentage paid to me.

All of this helps to keep the blog running <3

Get in touch

If you’d like to work with me by featuring a product or service on the blog, drop me a line – carla at carlalouise dot com – and we can go from there 🙂

I'm Carla, a quirky thirtysomething with a penchant for unicorns and glitter. I believe in magic and make-believe, and the gorgeous rebellion of making your life absolutely your own. And I'm a proud multipod!

I am a photographer and catalyst for small business owners, and a real life mermaid. I photograph people as they truly are, help women see and step into their brightest and best selves, add a sprinkling of magic to the mundane, and am a happy ambassador for stationery and slow living.

Proud to be both girly and geeky, when I’m not writing, photographing or daydreaming, you can find me dancing burlesque, riding my bicycle Bluebell, growing herbs and collecting typewriters.

2020 Things

Things I want to do in 2020. Partly from my Daydreams To Do list and also from my general goals for the year.

~ Steampunk events ~ experiment with film cameras ~ walk more ~ explore Colchester ~ beach time ~ kitty portraits ~ western riding ~ spa days ~ silversmithing ~ learn to make bath bombs ~ recreate Lush's Angel's Delight soap fragrance ~ work in sterling silver ~ build a catio ~ handwritten letters ~ photobook of the house project, the cats, Poppy & Dad ~ print my own photos

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