phone email

Tomorrow… honestly, where has an entire year gone?! I remember Annastasia and I booking our tickets in a fit of excitement just after the last one, when all my feeds and timelines were flooded with people squeaking excitedly over it.

And now it’s our turn!

For the uninitiated, Cybher is a blogger’s conference held annually in London. Which means I get to spend an entire day surrounded by likeminded women who are as geeky, quirky and off-the-wall as me! (Yes, I can see you quaking with fear at the very thought…)

I have no idea what to wear yet, but I suspect polka dots will be involved. I have a list as long as my arm – charge camera, install apps on tablet, make sure I have business cards, remember to take pens…

There is an incredible schedule, but the thing I’m looking forward to most, as always, is getting to know people – it’s fabulous to read blogs, but unspeakably lovely to meet people in real life – especially when those people don’t react to the word “blog” as though you’ve said something in alien speak 🙂

See you there, ladies!