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Just a speedy one as it’s somehow half past eleven on a Sunday night as I type, and I have work tomorrow – eeek! More on all of this when it’s less late…


Sneaky snap of my glorious neon pink Cybher satchel from the Leather Satchel Company 🙂

Short version: Saturday: Cybher, fabulous people, fizzing with ideas, squeee. Sunday: amazing brunch, the visual feast that is the Beth Chatto gardens and a blissful sunshine-filled afternoon with Mum & Dad, using the bbq for the first time.

Long version:

Saturday was the long-awaited Cybher blogger’s conference. What I’ve achieved in the year since we booked it has astounded even me, especially looking back on it in one unexpected fell swoop.

And it was fantastic – a proper post with photos coming soon, but highlights included finally meeting the lovely Miss Dotty, hearing Zoe Margolis speak very powerfully about support, strength and freedom of speech in blogging, and meeting the awesome Mollie Makes duo Lara and Nina, who very patiently taught me to crochet again.

I was chuffed to bits to attend a talk by three of my favourite bloggers – Natasha from Candy Pop, Caroline from Patchwork Harmony and 91 Magazine and Rachelle from Ted and Agnes – oh yes, the other half of Granny Chic – squeeeee! Fantastic presentations and workshops by Mario from Someone Once Told Me and Adam Pacitti from featured very, very highly in my list of exciting moments in the day, too.

Anyway, more on that later, it needs its own post. Possibly several posts. I am so inspired I might burst. And it was beyond amazing to meet all these likeminded people…

Today, if I manage to hit publish before midnight, I met Mum & Dad at Wivenhoe House Hotel, and we had brunch. It was delicious, and they were very impressed with the beauty of the house and the grounds. I’m exceedingly lucky to have my day job on campus – it’s worlds away from London to be able to get out.

We then meandered over to the absolutely gorgeous gardens of Beth Chatto. I cannot believe I have lived in this county for nearly six years and never come across them – they were peaceful, and stunningly beautiful, and well thought out, and a perfect place to amble through and let your thoughts sort of float around.

Back to mine to do some gardening, put the bbq back together (whole post coming soon on the provenance of the bbq, it has a story) and cooked dinner on it. Which we ate in the garden before they went home and I settled myself up here to work on all my ideas from Cybher.

They left just before 7pm. I haven’t moved from here since, I’ve been so absorbed… I wonder how stiff my legs will be when I get up!

Wishing you unicorns, ducks and happiness,

Carla xx

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