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Looking through my archives, it would appear one of my favourite things to take photos of is… my feet. In a non-kinky manner – just because they’re always with me and they show where I’ve been, I suppose. (I blame Susannah Conway…)

(and apologies if you get this twice – I have been fighting with technology this evening!)

Here are a few, from May and June this year.

Getting reacquainted with the dance studio (mirrored, eek!)


Often barefoot, like here at Beth Chatto gardens…


Loving my underskirt and mismatched nail polish at a fair –SAM_0557

Indulging in the Night Circus –

2013-04-27 00.10.10

I can’t place where I took this, but the boots are my oldest, most battered, most comfortable cowboy boots from my 21st birthday trip to the States.


On the tube in my favourite Converse and socks that really shouldn’t be showing. Ahem.2013-04-27 11.27.14

Barefoot again, this time in my kitchen –

2013-04-29 19.06.45

And all these from just over a month of photographs. I wonder where my feet will take me next?!

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