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When we booked tickets back in May 2012, I had no idea a year would pass so quickly. I had no idea what I’d do, what I’d achieve, what I’d feel in one year, and I couldn’t have imagined, then, having this life of mine by the time Cybher rolled around.


“it was wonderful to be surrounded by people whose first question was ‘what do you blog about?’ rather than ‘what the hell is a blog?’ :)” ~ Cybher 2013

I fully expected to stagger into it knackered from another week of commuting, try not to fall asleep in the talks, scrape through the workshops and stumble home happy to have survived and with some vague ideas to keep blogging.

Not so! Most of you know the story of my escape from the City, and things like moving house and launching a brand new stationery subscription box company in that year.

So what was Cybher like?

Well, having posed like idiots in front of the sign, registered and chosen our bags (neon pink!!) we found tea (Annastasia and I find tea like homing pigeons find, well, home) and sat down to work out what we wanted to go to.

Sian’s welcome and Zoe’s keynote were fabulous – “history in the making”, “women with a common interest”, “a bit geeky” and “women should enjoy sex” are some of my scrawled notes from that first hour – likeminded women indeed! The key theme was support – each other as women and as bloggers, and as pioneers of this thing we’re doing.

Likeminded ladies


My first session was vintage lifestyle blogging, and I was enormously chuffed to see and hear (and meet later, over crochet and tea and brownies), Rachelle from Ted and Agnes, of granny chic fame; Caroline from 91 Magazine and Patchwork Harmony, and Natasha from Candy Pop.

It was very inspiring to hear them all talk about their journey into blogworld, and I came away with newly renewed energy and determination for my own blogs.

I was also delighted and slightly bemused to discover that I am considered an experienced and established blogger, having been blogging somewhere or other since 2004. This makes me more or less ancient in the blogosphere, although it has to be said that I’m much happier here at Ducking Fabulous and my other concurrent sites than I have been in any of my other various online homes.

The Lord of the Light


Next up, and undisputed best workshop of the day was Mario from Someone Once Told Me’s photo tips. I am a Lord of the Light, apparently, and for some reason, all the tips he gave that I have known for ages from dabbling in photography have stuck this time (that’ll be the standing up and affirming it, to many giggles, lol).

So I have found myself feverishly running around placing objects in well-lit areas around the home, photographing for the Green challenge with the rule of thirds in mind, and remembering that landmarks are bigger than I am. (The best overview of his workshop is over at Nylon Living, go and take a peek.) But lasting effects and great fun! Mario also shot Annastasia and I for the Someone Once Told Me project – I’ll let you know when my photo goes up!

Going viral


Adam Pacitti, of and gave a very enjoyable talk on going viral. One of the ladies in the audience was unwittingly hilarious when she asked how to be funny – though she had a point, it’s not as easy as it looks!

Again I came away with masses of ideas, thoughts and was still frantically scribbling in my notebook when everyone was leaving the room for the next session… oops!

Tea, crochet and chat

Cleverly, I don’t have any photos of this bit, except my one Instagram of the start of a granny square… but it was an absolute pleasure to meet Lara and Nina from Mollie Makes, both of whom were endlessly patient teaching me crochet, and were just like us – fabulous ladies!

Of course the best bit of the day for me was all the women I met – blogs on every conceivable subject, ladies just like me who work and blog and run businesses and generally juggle it all – it was wonderful to be surrounded by people whose first question was “what do you blog about?” rather than “what the hell is a blog?” 🙂

We slipped out before cocktails as we were both experiencing fuzzy brain syndrome from all the amazing information – and spent the journey home planning podcasts for Ink Drops, photography sessions and all sorts of lovely things.

Apologies for the epic post, but it all wanted saying – it was a great day! Many thanks to Sian and her team – we’ll see you next year!

[photography] from where I stand (entirely by accident)
The Green photo challenge