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Bluebell at the fish and chip shop Bluebell outside the award winning fish and chip shop in my village, on one of the few sunny evenings we’ve had.

Dad painting shedDad giving my shed a coat of creosote – it looks so much better now!

duck visiting london

Because no trip anywhere is complete without a Ducking Fabulous duck, and a really cheesy grin from yours truly…

Hyde Park break

Living the self-employed dream with Annastasia, the other half of Ink Drops – tea in Hyde Park after a trade show in the morning and a meeting in Green Park, accompanied by cupcakes

shoes in progress

Peeling leather off shoes is surprisingly enjoyable – these ones were finally knackered and unsuitable for continued wear (they did pretty well, they were a 21st birthday present from an ex). I’m now in the process of taking off the straps and reworking the heels with words cut from Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy. (a copy that would otherwise have been pulped, and was already beyond repair. This way, it continues to live…).

It would appear you really can take the girl out of the library, but not the library out of the girl…

The Green photo challenge
How to make a fabulously odd-coloured cake