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It’s been a bit of a strange week.

Good things –

WordPress course at Elstree Studios, where I learned a lot, watched Leona Lewis perform and got to sit in the sun for a bit. Excellent.

Unexpected dinner with Naomi and many many fizzily exciting plans for the future (watch Project Pin Up for updates)

Skating with Caroline on Tuesday and accidentally covering 8.5 miles

Picking up my beautiful new bike

Boudoir shoot with Emily by the fabulous Grace Gelder on Saturday – fabulous experience, which I never thought I’d be brave enough for. I will not be sharing most of the photos, haha!

Brunch with my parents on Sunday.

Mum buying me some fabric (so it doesn’t count for 100 days!) to make a pannier for the back of said new bike.


Bad things –

The state of my flat – I cannot get on top of it!

Spinning Poppy in some absolutely horrific rain today – which shook me enough to scupper my plans to drive over and see Louise Craftyguider. Large sulk, requiring large amounts of chocolate to soothe.

Semi-migraine on Friday – was dizzy and nauseous, but able to walk (just) – this is a new type of headache and I’m now on alert for triggers

Realising I have a craft fair exactly a week today and nowhere near the amount of stock I’d like to have (I know, stop blogging, start making). Come visit me – I’ll be at Bikes & Barges (including the Maldon Motor Show) in Maldon next Sunday 🙂


So more good than bad, but enough bad to make me think a bit. Have also had some rather profound conversations this week and realised yet again how lucky I am to be surrounded by the best friends and family in the known universe.

I have mostly listened to: Candyman by Christina Aguilera (new burlesque routine, I’ve been practising)

Mostly read – The secret life of a slummy mummy, The $100 Startup and flicked through Fifty Shades of Grey (I refuse to link to it, it has enough publicity). I’m not that impressed with the latter so far – stilted writing, overdone and not especially erotic sex scenes… perhaps the people making the fuss have never read erotic fiction before?! $100 Startup, however, is an absolute must read.

So there you go – a not terribly exciting update, because my head is full of other things (namely, am I ever going to be able to drive in the rain again without freaking out, and eeeeeeeeeee new top secret venture!).

A fabulous bareMinerals make-under evening
Pinterest inspiration this week (which should have appeared in my last post!)