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On reading the blog of a dear friend who I’d entirely forgotten had a blog of her own (that’s been going six years! SIX! I’m so impressed…) I found her words rang incredibly true, and just had to share them…

“To me, my blog is almost like a patchwork blanket that I work on from time to time. There have been times when I have not posted as often as I would like to, but having a blog never really goes away. I like that it is never finished, that I am always adding a little bit more here or there to it.”

This is a wonderful way of describing a blog, and indeed is how I feel about this one – I want it to be like a patchwork blanket of memories so I can look back on my life and see what I was doing, loving, thinking, making, creating šŸ™‚

Her gorgeous blog is here Little Sips of Tea. Go and read šŸ™‚


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