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Very quick post before I dash off to enjoy more of this sunshine while it lasts!

Yesterday I had a catching up sort of a day before Emily arrived and we went on a looooong bike ride to Wivenhoe. It was lovely… a little hairy in places (my cycling on the road is really not that hot!) but great fun, lovely to chat and good exercise too. (Hmm, bikes, cars, rollerskates… I’m clearly a wheels kind of a girl!) Here’s Emily, then me, posing with our empty glasses in the pub we found on the way (gigglesnort – I’m sure the other patrons thought we were nuts)

DSCF0050 DSCF0051

Me with Bluebell on the way home… there was a sunset, but apparently my camera didn’t like it:



Then today, I found myself in my studio with a huge box of beads and a pair of shoes I rarely wear. They now look like this and might well be my new favourites…

turquoise beaded 2

 turquoise beaded 1

Today I have also discovered that Lush do makeup (squee!), my little camera has decided to work again (double squee!) and that I’m capable of empting my entire craft room to find one piece of fabric… oops!

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend! xx

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