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Work with me: Supercharging Sessions

Having a business meltdown?

Let’s talk! My Supercharging Sessions might just be the boost you’ve been looking for.

A two hour, in-depth session (in person if you’re nearby; by Skype if not) all about you and your business, packed with encouragement, advice and resources to get you out of your rut and excited again.

We can focus on your website, your marketing, your ideal client or anything else that’s bothering you – if you’re stuck on something in your beloved business and you’d like to get going again fast, this is for you.

This is also ideal if you’re just starting out, you’re fed up with trawling Google and you really just want to get going now… you can fast-track through my seven years of experience juggling businesses, day jobs and life, and get your new shiny business up & running faster than you’d believe possible.


Carla not only tells you ‘you can do it’ but also how you can do it.  A motivational breath of fresh air with the knowledge and tools to make it happen for you and your business.  A session with her will leave you feeling inspired, creative and that nothing can stand in your way.

Lizzie Cheeld

Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin

Your investment

£85 for a two hour session, including notes and action points following the session.

Please choose:

After payment, you’ll be taken to my online calendar where you can book an available slot for your session. Looking forward to talking to you! (and if there are any tech gremlins, just drop me an email – carla at )

I met Carla when I was going through a huge amount of change in my life. Becoming a freelancer was something I had seen others do but never been brave enough to do for myself, until I met her.

She inspired me from her own businesses and experience that it was OK to take the plunge, that I could be brave and not worry about what hadn’t happened yet. After our sessions (involving tea and cake), I had the conviction that it was the right thing to do and have never looked back.

It’s not easy but I don’t regret getting off the treadmill of 9-5 office work and I definitely wouldn’t have done it without the sound business advice and support from Carla!

Rachael Glendinning

RG Communications