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My word for 2014

If you hang out in the same places online that I do, or follow some of the same people, you’ll know that having a word for the year seems to be quite a powerful thing.

But man, is it hard to choose one! I’m over-eloquent at the best of times, and narrowing down all those gorgeous words out there to just one for a whole year seemed like an impossible task.

So I decided on two, with a long list of goals and intentions to accompany them.

How did I choose? Well, I’d had a few lurking in my subconscious for some time, and I let them percolate until I settled on the ones which felt right.

Word number one is BALANCE.

photo credit: fd via photopin cc

For the last few years, my balance has been all over the place. This blog is not somewhere I want to dwell on the London job, but it became my primary focus. Since November 2012 I’ve started three businesses alongside my new (well, a year old now) day job, and I work on them in almost every spare second.

I’ve found my tribe this year, a group of other aspiring and doing entrepreneurs, and they are the most incredible source of support, encouragement and inspiration you could imagine. I’d be lost without them – and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post.

But one of my great traits is enthusiasm. And I’m so enthusiastic about both my ventures and those of others that I’ve almost forgotten how to relax.

And so in 2014, I want to balance the work I love with some down time too. Time to sit and do nothing but cuddle my kittens, or chat to friends and family. Time to read, walk, go to the spa, and most of all not feel guilty for doing any of these things. After all, while I’m deeply connected to my businesses’ growth and success, I’m building a life, not a business empire!

My second word is ABUNDANCE. I strongly believe this is a mindset, and the more you have, the more you attract.


I also think it’s often misunderstood. By abundance, I don’t only mean money. I want to have enough money to alleviate worries when things break, go wrong or need money throwing at them. But it’s not my primary motivator. Abundance for me is plentiful love, friends and family, joyful movement when I feel I want or need it, generosity of spirit, and a whole host of other things which have no relation to money at all.

For my businesses, I wish for abundance, growth and balance too – balance between them all, success for all of them, but for none of them to become a chore. The Website Beautician is already fulfilling growth and abundance – now I just need to keep an eye on the balance part!

Do you have a word or theme for 2014?