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This week I am mostly… (30 April)

Oops, haven’t done one of these for ages – but am fizzing with inspiration today, so here goes…

Feeling: inspired, and also like I want to run away to the circus (I have been pinning like mad to my circus board).

Reading: Michael Morpurgo’s Why The Whales Came, Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus (Pinterest board here) for about the sixth time, and Marianne Cantwell’s Be A Free Range Human.

Eating: Maltesers Teasers bars – I think I’ve singlehandedly eaten the Maltesers factory out of them, they’re amazing!

Planning: Greyhound goodness, new Ducking Fabulous ranges, a circus-themed photoshoot and an attempt at recreating some of the incredible costumes in Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty.

Dreaming of: the circus… can you see a theme developing here?!

Coveting: a carousel horse and a greyhound.

Wishing: the weather would heat up just a little bit more, and that I could help more with other people’s problems.

Working on: Club 20 goals, meditating daily, developing my direction, new stuff for the DF shop.

Celebrating: the power and strength of friendship, having so much energy I feel like I could take over the world and six whole months of freedom from the London lifestyle. And six weeks in my new home and village, both of which I love more by the day.

Grateful for: friends, family, likeminded souls when I’m having a wobble, and continuing being comfortable in and with myself (I shall never take any of those, but especially that last, for granted).

And finally tomorrow I will be: delighted and terrified in equal measure that it’s already May, at my last burlesque class for a couple of months, and flapping about day job deadlines. Meep.

On my to-do list this month? Not sure I want to answer this question – booking fairs, making stock for said fairs, switching bank accounts, scouring ebay for a second hand bike, cycling, swimming, getting my sewing machine serviced, booking the dentist, checking when Poppy is due for a service, organising get togethers with various people, Ink Drops’ first stall, reopening my Etsy shop, continuing with Photo Meditations and trying to post the results sometimes… it’s neverending, but all of it except the dentist makes me happy!

What have you been up to this week? What does next week have in store for you?