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The Bottlecap Experiment



Something I’ve been meaning to try for ages, but had somehow not got around to, these were the best of my first batch of bottlecap pendants – but there will be more,I really enjoyed making them. And have been looting bottlecaps to upcycle from all over the place.

Card and buttons or charms seem to work well, as long as there is sufficient medium to cover them – it does shrink as it dries, which I’d not anticipated. My current favourite (a silver tree on a sparkly green background) is most definitely a second quality-wise, but has taught me a lot for the next batch.

Printed photos, however, on normal paper, do not work. I tried to make one with a photograph of Rusty McLusty, and on inspecting it this morning, the colours have run quite drastically. I will be investigating and testing better paper/ink/printing methods – watch this space!