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Really speedy update – 100 days challenge

Somewhere in the last mad couple of weeks, the 100 days challenge officially ended.

The end result? A slightly healthier bank balance, a lot less random tat in my house, a more focused me and and a better thought process when impulse shopping. And shopping generally.

I did slip up a little – a gorgeous grey dress (categorised as ‘work clothes’ to make it ok), stage makeup and the odd magazine did slip through the net. But considering the madness of the three months I’ve been doing it, I think I did pretty well. And I will certainly be making more informed, less impulsive decisions to do with money in the future.


I have been absent from the internet for a few days, and have been ill on and off for about three weeks now – I am finally feeling more myself and so normal Ducking Fabulous service should resume. You never know, I might even photograph stock and update my shop!

Illness sucks :(

So after a lovely inspiring weekend with Lou, I sniffled my way through a dreary Monday at work (it rained, I’d forgotten my umbrella, it was rubbish) and have spent today curled up indoors with an entire box of tissues and what feels like half of Boots. I’ve drunk at least a bottle of some concoction which tastes foul but is helping the spiky feeling all down my throat. Yeurgh.

In other, happier, news, Lou and I bought some exciting books which should arrive the same day, so we can give each other a kick when we lose motivation. This is a Good Thing. Lots of plans for vintagey goodness going on, for sometime next summer… but these things take time to plan!

I also took my blue hair out for its first proper public outing on Sunday, just for a wander round Reading but got some lovely comments and approving looks – it beats going out with unwashed hair, that’s for sure! Only downside is that I keep doing double takes every time I catch a glimpse of it… it’s very blue!

I made it slightly more normal with a headband – but def think I’ll wear it again! Also bought some purple dye for my pink corset – that’s this weekend’s task, so I have a corset to wear for the Fling 😀 Then I just have to work out what I’m wearing to Heather’s wedding and I’m sorted!


One day in May

Today in May I had the most hideous migraine… I am unimpressed! Had to take the day off work and lie sadly in a dark room for most of the day – couldn’t have TV on, couldn’t read, couldn’t look at my computer… the light made me flinch 🙁 Only dragged myself outside to go to Asda when I realised I had no more painkillers! Feeling marginally better now but heading to bed very shortly, I’m still not 100% and I have to go in tomorrow, I have so much to do!

I had a glorious car-filled weekend and have come back much happier, calmer and ready to deal with whatever life and the job have to throw at me. Which is a feeling I haven’t had for a very long time – it’s amazing, I feel like I’m finally myself again! Have committed to doing the Rat Rally in September – more about this to follow but it’s going to be SO much fun… and I shall be blogging between now and then and all the way through the rally itself!

On the craft side of things I have finally finished the Checks and Roses website! is live and I hope we’ll have confirmation of our first stall soon – it’s very exciting!

Work is completely insane but when it’s calmed down a bit I’ll post some more 🙂