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First run!

Well, I call it a run – I intended for it to be a walk, but felt so good when I was out there that I jogged a fair way too. Which for someone who hasn’t done very much in the way of structured exercise since I stopped riding a couple of years ago, is not bad going!

It’s not exactly a 5k, but I said I was going to make small changes, and actually pushing myself out of the house on a frosty winter evening instead of curling up in bed with a magazine as I had planned is something I’m very proud of! (and I have no intention of running a 5k ever!)

Stats? Haven’t a clue – went from my house, down to Asda, across the roundabouts, over the railway bridge and back up the other side. I’ll try and work it out but I reckon maybe just over a mile?

Here’s the route I took, using the brilliant (and newly found) to plot it:

First one!

First one!


I definitely need some more sensible clothes though – my jogging bottoms are too short and my trainers are not built for running – I’ll have to dig out my old ones and/or buy new ones in the States maybe!