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The Curiosity Project


Being, as I’m sure you guys have grasped by now, a fairly crafty type, I had intended for AGES to join one of the many glorious swaps going on. They happen over on Crafteroo forum sometimes, but I’m a rubbish member and don’t pop in nearly as often as I’d like to. (They have however just launched the awesome Crafteroo magazine… proper post on that coming soon, but go buy it for the bargainous price of £1.50 – it’s fab!)

So when I tripped over the Curiosity Project, quite by chance, I signed up. The timescale was two months from receipt of your swap address, and it was totally anonymous until after boxes had been both sent and received. Clearly, anyone signing up would probably be relatively similar to me, and the brief? To fill a box with curiosities and post it to your anonymous recipient.

I was muchly excited when, just a couple of weeks after we’d got our addresses, a box addressed to me, but without my name, arrived. You can see me holding it in the ridiculously cheesy pic above. Here’s what was in it…


A beautiful handmade floral notebook, handmade notecards and the most beautiful brooch. I was so excited I squeaked… my old housemates from uni were up and I think they were a bit mystified (but also used to my bizarre ways!). I LOVED everything, and it really was as if my sender knew me! Here it is on the Curiosity Project’s blog.

I’d been busy collecting things to put in my own box to send, but really wanted to include something handmade and hadn’t made anything in aaaaages. Spurred on by the handmade gorgeousness, I made some button hairslides and this was the eventual package that left my house…


It was blogged on the Curiosity Project’s blog a couple of days later, and looks like my lovely recipient Nicola (who was also my sender, eee!) loved it as much as I loved mine! Even the appallingly hand-typed note, hehe! We’re now following each other on Twitter, and I shall absolutely definitely be taking part again, it was amazing 😀

Time flies even when you’re filing

How can it possibly be past 7 on Sunday night?! I’ve had a stupidly busy weekend, although I did have a sneaky lie in this morning… not that long a one, but was so nice not to have to leap out of bed at half five, I couldn’t resist! (Ok, by the time I post this it’s half eleven… oops).


Have a photo – of one of my newest acquisitions, I haven’t bought model horses for aaaaages (the two I bought while rally shopping don’t count, hehe) and now I’ve had two in two weeks – it’s rather lovely, although my shelves are now protesting!

Spent yesterday with my parents, they brought my filing cabinet over then we went for breakfast and furniture shopping for their new flat – so much fun, but a bit dangerous, I kept finding the perfect chairs for my long-wished-for reading spot… and they were all hugely expensive 🙁

Then went over to Wendy’s for dinner with her and Sharon and Izzy and Jolee – was so lovely to see them all and catch up, and play some Wii Dance (no, no videos will make it to the internet!) and talk about crafty things and relax 🙂 Bored them with rally photos too, and in a minute I’ll upload those to Flickr – the carefully-selected 200 or so, instead of the full 2101!

Today has been filled with filing and admin and a bit of photography – not in the slightest bit exciting, but all necessary, sadly. Was supposed to be seeing a friend but had (and still have, annoyingly) so much to do I had to cancel… which I’m sad about, I don’t see her very often!

Have spent an hour or so sorting out the Project Pin Up blog header though, and here it is – 🙂 I’ll do a proper introduction to it when we’ve put the first few posts up, but I’m so excited for it and for my pin up journey to begin!


Here’s me with my Curiosity Project box – an anonymous swap of a box of curiosities. We’re hoping to match up senders and recipients once they’ve all been posted and received! Contents post once it’s gone up on the Curiosity Project’s blog! Posting mine tomorrow, can’t wait to see my recipient’s reaction! 

Erm… no, that’s pretty much it, I do feel rested but I’m dreading work tomorrow as I have more filing to do, and it’s not so straightforward as my own filing is, mostly because it’s not mine, but it’s just as boring!

(update: at twenty five to midnight, the photos are only 39% complete, so I’m leaving them to upload overnight. Link to come!)

Exciting mail…

Mostly, when I head for my postbox, I have several letters for the previous occupants (I’ve been there over a year, it’s mental), a bill or two and some junk leaflets. But sometimes I get really exciting mail… I have a small selection of friends who still write the old-fashioned way, including Chloe at Slightly Triangle, Viki at Vicktrr Photography and shortly Amii from Scarlet Pout.

Anyway, the other day I went to check my post and found this waiting for me…

 chloe letter 2

On opening it, there was a lovely note from Chloe and some PRESENTS!! Tiny little beautifully-wrapped parcels… unexpected and very lovely 🙂 More so as I was feeling a bit down for no particular reason, and there’s nothing lovelier to cheer you up than knowing someone’s thinking of you.

 chloe letter 1

Inside the parcel was this utterly gorgeous hand painted pendant by the very talented Chloe, signed on the back and everything 🙂

chloe letter 3

 chloe letter 4

And some beautiful beads which I shall incorporate into some kind of jewellery very soon, for me to wear instead of to go in the shop.

 chloe letter 5

Thank you so much Chloewoo, you made my day!


(Amii, if you’re reading, your letter is coming soon, and Viki, likewise, along with your Christmas and birthday pressies….)

Letters – real ones!

I had two letters this week, and a parcel – I feel so loved!

The first was a response to a ‘bon voyage’ card I’d sent to a dear friend of mine who is now in Australia and New Zealand for a month. I miss her already and she only went on Tuesday!

dan letter (2)

dan letter (1)


The second was a lovely newsy note from Chloe, who is my most regular letter writing friend. We also speak via twitter, text, forum, email, phone (and in real life when we can, although we live so far away from each other that doesn’t happen often enough!) but letters are my favourite way of being in touch 🙂

chloe letter (1)

chloe letter (2)


My parcel was entirely unexpected, and was from the lovely Viki to say she is thinking of me and to send me beads and a squishy pony! I am ashamed to say I was so excited to have a parcel I forgot to take a photo of it before I opened it *blush*. Photos to follow 🙂


So my plan is to write some letters today, and then find some little somethings to include when I send them. In Viki’s case, I’d quite like to also send her Christmas and birthday presents – I am such a rubbish friend when it comes to being prompt with dates!