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London 2012 Opening Ceremony

A highlight of my weekend was watching the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony – I didn’t intend to stay awake for all of it, but it was so spellbinding I did… and I was, am, so proud to be British. Much more than usual – Danny Boyle triumphed! The description of it as a “love letter to his homeland” struck quite a chord – it was breathtakingly beautiful. And all the engineers I know got ridiculously excited about the cauldron.

I noticed the reflection of the TV in my “HOME” embroidery – and thought it was slightly more interesting than just photographing my TV screen. So here are a few shots from the ceremony.


IMG_9192 IMG_9174 IMG_9176 IMG_9179 IMG_9181 IMG_9186 IMG_9188 IMG_9190 It transpired that two people I know, an old friend and the daughter of a friend, were part of the ceremony – while watching and tweeting I discovered people I follow were involved. It was fabulous. Let’s hope we now get some medals to go with the breathtaking ceremonial pomp 🙂

Watching the Olympic torch procession

Last week my weekend started on Thursday really – I arrived in London at what felt like silly o’clock, ready to battle the crowds to watch the Olympic torch. Except there weren’t any crowds, because I was too early! I had the privilege of watching from the top balcony of this gorgeous building, next door to St Paul’s Cathedral, with Bucks Fizz and pain au chocolat, at the invitation of my friend Caroline who lives there –

watching from Caroline's People thronging the street, waiting for the torch to arrive –


Party buses!


Slightly blurry, but I was very excited to see a girl on skates in the procession. White quads, no less – squee!



Torch holder approaches… IMG_9120 IMG_9127 IMG_9131

And lights the flame of the waiting holder, who then started to run and was quickly out of sight …


It was surprisingly emotional to watch, and certainly kick started my excitement for the Olympics, which had up to then been rather lacklustre!