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[collecting] jewellery stories – where do you keep yours?

A slightly different take on the jewellery stories series today, inspired by the fact that, having had various guests in and out for a week and a half, my house is surprisingly tidy and everything is in its place. This does not happen often!

Since the move, and acquiring a chest of drawers that functions as a dressing table, my jewellery has had a much nicer place to live.

I acquired this gorgeous amber glass dressing table set many moons ago, but until now haven’t had anywhere to use it. Now my pendants live in the smaller one, and necklaces in the larger, with brooches and stud earrings in the one which doesn’t have a lid.

dressing table set in amber

My rings live on and around a little donkey I’ve had since I was a child – he never fails to make me smile, but unusually doesn’t have a name even after all this time.


And when I travel, I take my dressing table with me in this little black box – it fits into every bag and suitcase I own, and as it’s solid, keeps my jewellery safe when I’m on the move.

travel-box-and-contentsIf you’re looking for something similar, John Lewis have some gorgeous things in their jewellery boxes and rolls department – both for at home and for on the move. I’m currently lusting after this beautiful crystal bird box – don’t you think she’d look perfect on my dressing table?

bird-crystal-potWhere do you keep your jewellery? Do you have an unusual solution for storing it? I’d love to see – drop me a line or let me know in the comments!

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