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[lists] Wishlist Wednesday

There is an alarming amount of variety in my wishlist this week…

I’m lusting after a unicorn pencilcase (Pinterest will no longer let me embed pins – this is an ongoing issue since they changed their format, and it’s making me cross).

A converter for my fountain pen so I can use proper ink is on its way to me – so now I need to choose between inks. Decided on turquoise, now need to choose which one…

Also on the list – a pannier for Bluebell (both pretty and waterproof), the Dragon dictation software and a cake from Sponge.

What’s on your list?

Gadget wishlist

While shopping for boring electrical stuff yesterday, I might have had a sneaky look at cameras, radios… and also landline phones, weirdly. I appear to be showing signs of being a proper adult. Meep. Anyway, on my wishlist are now these babies:


cool cordless phone  orange phone

pretty cordless phones

Excuse the terrible photos – quick sneaky snaps on my phone while I was conscious I should be doing useful things instead! 🙂 If the orange one came in blue or purple… I think I’d have come home with it, £99 price tag or not. The Roberts radio is on my Christmas/birthday list. I ADORE it.