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A man stopping (not just slowing down) to let me get off the train in ridiculous shoes without hitting an unwary commuter

Watching a man walking through Broadgate in London with his nose buried in a really old-fashioned, proper leather bound book

Meeting my girlies for dinner and feeling human again 🙂 (and pigging out on ribs and cocktails, hehe)

Sunshine on the first day of September

A beautiful mint green vintage-style bicycle spotted on my morning walk to work – what a way to commute that would be.

A girl in Tesco saying she was inspired to skate after seeing Jess & I carrying ours.

Our second weekly Hyde Park skate – it was fab!

Mum and Dad keeping roast dinner for me even though I nearly didn’t come home to get it and was a stroppy, overtired moo when I did go and see them. Blush.

Lots of people wearing polka dots – they’re my favourite thing, and I’m half hoping it’s some sort of key A/W11 trend so I can build up my collection of dotty clothes, and half hoping it’s not in fashion at all or the world and his dog will be wearing the.

Ellie and Lee, Sar and Sarah, Lou and Paul and Cate all moving house – I can’t wait to visit!

Caitlin and Sedge going to uni in September – two more exciting places to visit, yay!

Cadbury Twirl Bites

Successfully wearing red lipstick (actually Sleek Pout Paint, my new favourite thing, but more on that later) to work (phase 1 of Project Pinup)

Standing my ground when challenged by a colleague about my weird eating habits (it has taken me years to get to this stage, I’m actually rather proud)