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(found this on The Crafty Librarian, thought it was lovely so I borrowed it)


Reading: In My Sister’s Shoes by Sinead Moriarty; Gil Elvgren monograph; magazines galore; Goodbye, Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders

Writing: Blog posts for the next week or two while my life goes mad.

Drinking: Pepsi max, as ever, water and pear cider

Listening: to smash hits radio via my TV. Yep, enormous TV and I only ever use it as a radio really. Bad squishy. And Now 79, loudly, in the car.

Buying: in theory, nothing. In practice, stuff for the house, antiques and lingerie.

Enjoying: Proper time with Jules for the first time in ages, reorganising the flat and taking the first steps towards the new me, and planning the rally which is going to be both terrifying and exhilarating.

Loving: sunshine, time with friends, my new hairbrush, rediscovering stuff I’d forgotten I owned

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