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Good-ness… see what I did there? Yep, ok, I was definitely not cut out to be a stand up comic.

I had another one of my trademark weekends, full to the brim with friends and exciting experiences. Life is definitely starting to be more about what I do than what I have, and these few days were enhanced even more by pretty cars and very little kittens!

Here’s Merlin, exploring my book bag when I arrived at Em’s house.


Sunday morning, after a night with the kittens, and a 6.30am fight with victory rolls (patience, kirby grips, at least two people and a LOT of hairspray) I set off for Goodwood.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Revival, it’s a vintage event at Goodwood Motor Circuit, and visitors are encouraged/required to dress in period costume – in this case 40s, 50s or 60s. Rob and I chose a hybrid of late 40s/early 50s and though neither of us had a clue what the other was wearing until we met up at the gate, I think we managed to co-ordinate brilliantly!

Here’s me. Dressed more or less as I often do at weekends, only with the addition of proper hair and less ridiculous shoes. Huge thanks to Lou at Contrariety Rose who was utterly wonderful and got my dress to me just before she went on holiday – it will be forever appreciated!


Here’s Rob doing an excellent impression of a vintage gentleman. Complete with pipe.


Mobiles are strongly frowned upon within the enclosure, and everyone puts a massive effort into dressing up, so there was a real sense of stepping back in time – vintage heaven!

There was so much to see I actually took very few photographs, but was quite pleased with this shot of old bikes in the French quarter:


And it chucked it down with rain as we walked the track, so by the time we returned to our cars (having nearly lost mine in the mud along the way) we resembled drowned rats. I’m pleased to announce that the victory rolls held!!

After we’d said goodbye and convinced Poppy to start, I trundled my way through the back roads of Surrey at a snail’s pace, to stay the night with another dear friend and put the world to rights. And wave my vintage-wrapped sweets at her…

I loved everything about it, though I wish I’d had more money to spend in the vintage market.

We gloried in the feel and the sound of the cars at speed, doing what they were built to do, rather than standing around in a garage. We stood quietly and in my case a little tearfully while the Spitfire tribute flew past and the story of the Dambusters was told over the PA system.

I especially loved coming back past the Americana section and seeing the jive dancers still dancing when the rain had set in, but with umbrellas up. Proper British spirit.

Next year, I need a weekend ticket, a bigger umbrella, waterproof shoes and jive lessons…

Have you ever been to the Revival?

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