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I haven’t abandoned Ducking Fabulous – but I have split my business activities into different sites, so each one is more relevant! So here’s a list of where to find me doing what…

Here on Ducking Fabulous, I’ll be focusing on social media for the terrified and being yourself online, via e-courses and workshops (and occasional blog posts).

My central hub and blog is now at

The Website Beautician is the new name for the hassle-free web design for non-techie creatives I used to offer over here

Stationery and slow living are the order of the day at Ink Drops. You can subscribe or order one off boxes of beautiful stationery, and join the conversation about living more deliberately.

I blog about life in your twenties at Letters From My Twenties.

And 2014 will see the launch of photography projects at Lotta Fiero Studios.

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