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Weather for ducks, and other photos

I can quite see why moving house is one of the top stressful things you can do in this life. Here are some photos of what I’ve been doing around the packing, admin and incompetence…

Weather for ducks… literally:

weather for ducks |

Puppy cuddles with the lovely Frankie. It’s a hard life…

 2013-03-02 18.41.07snoozy pup |

Learning a bit more ukulele.

ukulele and tablet | duckingfabulous.comGlorious blue skies on the way to meet Becky for a celebratory lunch in Balham (and unexpectedly bumping into an old friend from school)

   blue skies | 

A conference in the Essex iLabs, where you’re encouraged to play with the toys and things provided. Like nothing I’ve ever done before!


And finally, wine to help me get through the strangely emotional final Friday night in my first flatwine |