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[thinking] how 12 months can change everything

Hello loves! I’ve been, as promised, rather quiet for most of October – and if you usually visit me via my site instead of through a feed, you’ll notice the changes!


Ducking Fabulous has evolved into a creative hub – so the blog doesn’t disappear, but becomes part of something bigger. I feel very passionately that every creative person should have the opportunity to have an online presence. I also know all too well how daunting it can be to set up and run a website/twitter feed/facebook page if you’ve never done it before, and if your creative talents tend not to be digital ones.

Over the past few years I’ve been consulted almost constantly by a steady stream of incredibly talented people who have absolutely no clue how to tackle the powerhouse that is the internet. They know it can help their businesses, some of them even have websites and social media presence, but it doesn’t come naturally.


So I’m here to help – with a combination of e-courses, live workshops and web design, I intend to take the terror out of getting yourself established online.

But my blog is staying just as it is, with its rather eclectic range of subjects – you guys don’t want to read about techie stuff all the time, or presumably you wouldn’t be reading my blog! Right?

So thank you for bearing with the silence while I’ve been working on the changes – and normal, slightly sporadic, service will now resume 🙂

Oh, and my other secret project? Kittens. Yes. KITTENS. They’re coming to live with me just before the start of 2014, I hope – depending on which little balls of fluff the rescue has in over the Christmas period. Ridiculously excited doesn’t even begin to describe me at the moment!

(and an edit I forgot to put in the first edition of this post – the title refers to how, this time a year ago, I was still stuck in the London job. Now I’m in a day job I love, a home I adore and running two businesses – and about to have pets of my very own. Honestly, some days I wake up and I still can’t believe it!)