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Refreshed and ready

As a friend put it earlier, “the world re-opens tomorrow”.

Though it is of course 5th January today, tomorrow marks the start of the first full week of 2014, and so feels like the proper start of the new year.

I’m heading back to my day job tomorrow after a fortnight off, and delighting in the fact that I don’t dread it. Of course the freedom of the last two weeks is my preference, but I do love what I do at the uni and it’s great to be able to head for bed and know I’ll sleep, and won’t have a lead weight in my stomach for the next fifty-one weeks.SAM_1835

I’ve spent a lot of time this Christmas and New Year with these two on my lap, or curled up next to me as I amble through my work. I’ve done lots of client work and lots on my own sites, including this one, but for the first time in quite some time, it hasn’t felt rushed and overwhelming.

Sleeping in late, staying in my PJs till 2pm, eating when I’m hungry rather than when society dictates I should, and staying up till 2.30am because I’m so absorbed in my work I haven’t noticed the time passing… all these are the hallmarks of the life I have lived for the past fortnight, and the life I ultimately want to live full time.

I achieve more when I can work in my natural rhythm, but like so many of us, I never have enough time away from traditional 9-5 working to get properly into my rhythm, and the kittens think all their Christmases have come at once when I want to play with the laser pointer at 3am!

Tomorrow routine starts again, which is no bad thing for me or for them – they need a better routine before they head off on their first holiday to a cattery at the beginning of February, and I need to see how my new client work fits in around my day job. All, of course, keeping BALANCE at the forefront of every plan and decision I make.

Morwhenna’s ReNEW You course starts tomorrow, and Jessy’s Snap To It photography course on the 11th, both of which I’m signed up to and very excited about.

So refreshed, invigorated, still slightly sniffly but incredibly excited for the year ahead – here’s to 2014!