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[loving and living] 2013 – the first year of my new life

What a year it’s been.

Much like 2014 appears to be doing, 2013 snuck up on me somewhat. Tbe new year is only a couple of hours old, but I wanted to get my review up before my planning posts.

I saw 2013 in at Rob’s with a bunch of new friends, getting rather whimsically tipsy and generally having a wonderful time.


January saw a craft swap with some of my favourite people, lots of snow, a notice to vacate my flat, a ukulele workshop and a visit to London Edge trade show. Who knew that just a year later I’d be helping out Contrariety Rose with her stand there?!

January-1 DSC_1168


was my birthday month (I celebrated by having dinner with Mum & Gran, and heading to bed with wine and six books. Utter bliss.), and also the month in which I visited Lou’s shop for the first time, had an impromptu school reunion and modelled in a collaborative photoshoot.


March held moving house in the snow, to a little house with a spiral staircase in a riverside village full of mad creative people. I finally got my garden and couldn’t be happier! I spent the very last morning at my old flat creating memories with my best friends, taking burlesque photos for the Paper Dolls. I also had six inches chopped off my hair – eek!


[happy things] compare the meerkat toy is on its way!

Coming in this evening to a renewal quote of £224.24 for my contents insurance, I got to work on the comparing sites. came up trumps and found me extended cover for £96.03 with Legal & General – and then told me that A MEERKAT TOY IS COMING MY WAY!!!

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so excited – but I love meerkats and I’m ridiculously pleased 🙂 AND I saved nearly £130 in the process. Win.


(Disclaimer: this post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by – I just love meerkats and am chuffed to have saved money!)