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Nostalgic weekend in Loughborough

Just a really quick post this evening, I’ve spent the bank holiday weekend in Loughborough (where I went to uni between 2004 and 2008) with the girls I lived with there – we haven’t all been together for a ridiculously long time and yet we pinged magically back into our old ways and ease with each other… a mark of true friendship, I believe 🙂 We are muchly lucky to have each other!

Here is, L-R, Val, me and Mo…


And back in the doorway of the halls we met in, L-R Annie, me, Hols, Mo and Han.

467616_822102750088_274700197_9514338_1027252615_o  I was nervous about going back to campus (although not of seeing the girls, obviously) and while it was lovely to see all our old haunts, I don’t feel any mad desire to go back. That was then, and this is now, and the future looks even more exciting 😀 However, we definitely need to all meet up more than once every few years, so we’ve now decided the May bank holiday will be our weekend to see each other every year, even if we don’t manage it in between times. Happy Carla.

Hope all your bank holidays were as successful and nostalgic and lovely!