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It’s a properly blustery autumn day – windy, blowy, and this morning I popped out for breakfast and groceries and nearly drowned in the rain! (Actually, I was such a wuss I stayed in Poppy on the driveway for a good fifteen minutes before venturing to my front door with all my bags!)

Just a brief update before I start on the proper blog posts which are long overdue 🙂 This week has been a revelation – and I think in October time each year, I will take a few days if not a whole week off work, and have an autumn-clean… there is something wonderful, even to a chaotic and messy soul such as me, in knowing everything is in its place, and so it is entirely acceptable to come in, put the heating on, don a fluffy dressing gown and spend the whole evening lost in a book or crafting.

London already feels a million miles away – I have had a few calls from the old job, and some lovely emails from my friends there… I hope that carries on as it is always the people you miss most!

The studio is sorted, the fridge is stocked, my suits have been consigned to my fabric stash and new bedlinen has been bought and put on the bed to mark a new chapter.

Yes, I know, I’m making WAY too much of this new life thing – but it’s so exciting, and so utterly lovely to have time to make my flat a home, instead of just rushing through it at the speed of light.

Since I finished the old job I’ve managed to see some of my favourite people in the world, break a Guinness world record, make pie, soup and brownies, drink cocktails, put up shelves, revamp the flat and launch a company… not to mention meet with the fabulous Melissa at Tea & Sympathy who will shortly be stocking my jewellery!

Life is good – the only thing I haven’t done is ring both the Wendys in my life… so I’m off to do that now 🙂