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(edit: just realised I’ve forgotten the cocktail pic… will add this weekend! Bad squishy…)

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks! Any notion I had of life calming down when I returned from the rally and ‘settled down’ to real life again has been firmly squashed, if anything it’s got even busier!

Haven’t even had time to draft a Happy Thursdays post, but instead I thought I’d post a few photos of the rally as a) they’re nowhere else on the internet yet (this is because there are 2101 of them and I have no idea where to start editing that number down to put online. They’d also cost me over £100 to print), and b) it made me the happiest I’ve ever been. Ever 🙂 I clearly have some adventure in my heart!

So… (warning, this doesn’t really even start to cover everything we did, but should give a glimpse.) Don’t forget full write up (well, of the rally – I’m still faffing with the two extra days) is at 🙂

The P-reg Laguna we bought, after a weekend of Nitro-Mors on the bonnet. See how pretty she was… but I think we made her prettier 😛


Trusty Rusty McLusty (ok, that was terrible, but she was very trusty) in my aunt & uncle’s field:



Rusty & Allegro in Germany, camped near the Nurburgring:


The view we woke to in Switzerland (the coldest night of my entire life, I swear):


View from Rusty’s rear window in the Swiss mountains:


Some proper extreme ironing, not far from Stelvio pass:



Popping to Italy for lunch:


Trying to fix Rat Patrol’s car in Budapest:


Me on Rusty’s bonnet at the Romanian border:


A bunch of us parked at the Romanian border:


Scaring the bloke in the petrol station – I think he thought we were about to hijack him!


Some shots of us driving, just to prove we did:





Group shot in Sibiu, somewhere around 2am:



DONKEY! On the Transfaragasan Highway (as seen on Top Gear – the road, not the donkey):


Group shot at the foot of the south side of the Transfaragasan, left to right me, Andy (Rat Patrol), Graham (Rat Patrol), Rob (Rusty McLusty), Craig (Allegro), Jenny (Allegro), Pete (Allegro):



This was a single vodka and coke in Brasov, celebrating the end of the rally. I dread to think what a double looks like!



Me at the top of Brasov, breathtaking view but I did not like being that close to the edge!



Rob and I on the very last day at Peles Castle in Sinaia:



Yeah… there’s so much more I should put into this post but I don’t want to crash anyone’s computer or bore anyone out of reading my blog 😛 Will link to Flickr album when I’ve evntually got them all up there in some kind of order. But you get the idea. Best nine days of my entire life 🙂

Things that make me happy Thursday – 22/9/11