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I am currently running too many blogs. One is (obviously) this one. One is Project Pin Up, one is a new one to go with the new Etsy shop (if I ever find time to launch it) and one is London at Lunchtime. I love them all but find it increasingly hard to find time to post, and the longer I’m a blogger, the more I value good posts rather than just posting for the sake of posting.

I think, given how little I’ve managed to post since I started it ( that I might just make it a category on here (which I have done here – I think it fits in ok with the general tone and utter randomness of my other posts). It’s not like my photos are startlingly good, I just find it interesting how much there is to see in London even in the same relatively small space I can get to within a lunchtime.


Love, a very indecisive Carla x

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