phone email

I had an email out of the blue from Jenny from Team Allegro (remember the rally?) to ask if I was free 22nd June to go and help them build a garage. Shed. Garage. Structure in which to keep cars and bits of cars.

Obviously I said yes, it sounded like a) something I’d never done before, b) a challenge fun and c) an excuse to drink in the evening while catching up with friends I’ve not seen for more than a year. And maybe fuel the camper van plans with likeminded people…

Arriving in deepest darkest Norfolk (ok, just over the border – but there were road signs proclaiming THINK DON’T SINK which, given Poppy’s desperate need for new tyres, alarmed me slightly…) I was greeted by this sight…


It was a windier day than we’d expected, so Rob’s car (no, that’s not his MR2 in a very sneaky disguise) is in fact structural in this pic.


The boys putting the middle bits up.



Half the front goes on…


I have reason to believe they were actually in their element – look at all the tools and stuff they had between them!

SAM_0932 SAM_0936

My obligatory foot shot – and also to prove that I OWN SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR… SAM_0940

Poppy parked with  a couple of their cars in what will one day be another garage-shed hybrid. SAM_0941

Jenny and I were tasked with the roof. Unfortunately, wearing a miniskirt and leggings (genuinely the most practical clothing I own), I slid straight off the roof every time I tried. So I did my roofing from the top of a ladder instead (or not very far up a ladder if you look in the second of these photos. Ahem.). Jenny, however, was perfectly at home up there! SAM_0944 SAM_0948

This was the rather gorgeous view from our bedroom window in the morning – it might be deepest darkest Norfolk but it’s very, very pretty.


From zero to garage in less than 24 hours – not bad going!

Disclaimer: The boys put the roof on while we were BBQing at lunchtime. In the flurry of saying goodbye, getting out to see the car collection and meet Rob’s old rally Volvo, and letting Craig drive Poppy over there… I may have forgotten to take photos of the finished structure with doors. Oops. Maybe an excuse for another visit?!