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Put on your Rocky and Balls apron… (a housewarming present from Hannah – isn’t it fabulous?!)

cake (2)

Mix cake as normal (175g of everything, 3 eggs, chuck in some baking powder and vanilla essence. Never fails). Stir in proper gel colouring and marvel at the vivid hues. cake (4) cake (6) cake (5)

Attempt to layer different colours into cake tins without throwing at each other, the table or the giant rubber duck which was trying to be involved.cake (3) cake (7) cake (8)

Bake for 15-20 minutes,turn out and let cool. cake (9)

Ice with white buttercream, honeycomb pieces and as much edible glitter as you fancy. Marvel again at the pretty colours – and enjoy! cake (1)

The colouring I’m using by Wilton, and now I’ve finally got my hands on some, I’ll never go back to liquid colouring! This would also be great for icing as it won’t dilute the icing to get a richer colour.

Can see these being great fun at Halloween… or for a patriotic cake!

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