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Boxes and bookshelves and hoovers, oh my!

My housemate’s moved out and I’ve kept the flat. Her room is becoming my craft/sewing studio. Which sounds really easy, but compounded with my need to move everything around so it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost her, this has become a MAMMOTH job. Honestly, I had no clue I had so much stuff!

I don’t think I have any before pictures where the flat isn’t an absolute state, but here is how I started… moving bookshelves.

The whole living room covered in books:

book moving (3)

book moving (4)

book moving (5)


Empty bookshelves in their new place

book moving (2) 


In the process of refilling the shelves:

   book moving (6)


Full, pretty bookshelves at the back of my living/dining room

 book moving (7)

 book moving (1)


Phew. These were taken last Friday night. It’s now Thursday, and I’ve succeeded in moving everything I own into the appropriate room. It has taken me all week to get to this stage, and I still have stuff to sort out, but it is slowly coming together. I’m away all weekend, and Mum & Dad are coming over tomorrow morning, so it needs to be done before I go to bed tonight. Eeeeeep. (This is also why I’ve been so quiet on the blog front despite being off work!)