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So I’ve blogged the overview of my new home, here are some of the details. More will emerge in the coming weeks and months – as is probably obvious, I seem to have a ridiculous amount of stuff!

Kitchen and conservatory details:

Wall art and my amazing route 66 clock. The Pepsi sign is actual vintage and has the rust to prove it, the Marmite one much newer.

details kitchen art

Fridge with my 2013 things list on it (and it’s magnetic, which for some reason is a massive novelty)

details 2013 list

The cakes I made last night and iced this morning with my very exciting housewarming gift from my lovely family, and the mixer itself – squee!!

detail cakesdetail breville 

Glass-and-pottery-and-teaset-and-jars-for-candles cabinet in the conservatory

details cabinet

Cookbooks in the kitchen!details cookbooks

Living room details:

Fluffies that live downstairs. L-R – the Pedagog (courtesy of @lucymoose / Stuff Your Doodle, the sock cat courtesy of a Curiosity Box swap with Virginia Creeper, and Scrumpy, the dog that my fabulous colleagues had made for me as a housewarming present!

details cuddlies

The current reading nook, complete with typewriter cushion. It’s cosy because it’s near the radiator, although I think in summer I shall retreat to the conservatory to curl up with a book. details reading nook

Mantelpiece – showing my bookshelves on the other side of the room, beautiful hyacinths Val brought me when she visited, lots of happy new home cards, a photo from the collaborative photoshoot with Contrariety Rose, my Polish unicorn, and a much loved commission painting in the middle from Chloe at Slightly Triangle.

details mantelpiece

Sofa with the helicopter throw I mentioned yesterday, which makes me feel at home because I’ve grown up with helicopter stuff around the place; cushions made by me at workshops (the striped and gingham one) and made at school around 20 years ago (the centre one). My vintage Singer machine in the windowsill, along with other bits and pieces that make me smile. And my ukulele lurking in the corner! 

I do a lot of my blogging from this sofa, accompanied by a cup of tea and a big snuggly blanket. And cake, obviously.  details sofa

Coffee table that matches my dining room chairs – which I re-did myself! Originally done to hide some truly hideous 80s upholstery on the chairs, I love this because it means I can change the fabric of either or both at a moment’s notice. Which also makes them pet and red wine-proof, as it doesn’t matter if things get spilled or chewed. details coffee table

Stairs and upstairs details:

Art on the stairs (will elaborate more in a different post)

details stair picsdetails stair pics 2

Beloved western boots and dressing table in my bedroom:

details bedroom

Reference magazines in the studio:           details shelving (1)

And last but not least, my suitcases and typewriter. The bottom suitcase came all the way to Romania on Rusty’s roof, and all the way home on the roof of the Allegro. I’ll save the story of how it got to us and what it was full of for another post, I think.   details suitcases typewriter

I’m sure I’ll find more to share as I live in the house and get used to where I’ve put everything. Do any of you have house or studio tours to share? I’d love to see!

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