phone email

So i was doing sort of ok with the healthy thing… Haven’t managed another run yet, but have done lots of walking in the days and have been on the ijoyride.

Until today, when i met Val for lunch and had pie and mash, and then the trains were shocking on the way home and i was already late from work and picking up some tap covers for my parents, so got McDonalds and ate it on the way, and tomorrow when I have a play to get to so will be having fast food on the train again. Oops.

However, as I’m still on said train I’m not going to beat myself up about it, small steps are the way forward and I’m definitely starting to make small changes. Stairs at work, less chocolate, less Pepsi max…

On the sanity front, I have managed to do housework and craft this week too… At the expense of phoning people, but sometimes I really do just want to go to bed with cross stitch.

Work is completely mad and the days are flying past…  Sad news of the week is that Rob is no longer adopting my family’s cat – my uncle decided he actually liked Shadow and wanted him to stay. Also had a pesty letter from the doctor which I won’t elaborate on but will be keeping an eye on :s

So there we are, a not very interesting round up of my week so far to pass the time while I wait for this train to eventually get me home… Hope yours are more exciting, dear readers!