phone email

Or cocktail shoes as Apryl calls them!

These started off as work shoes. But I brought them home the other day and realised they are no longer smart enough for work…

IMG_6237 IMG_6238

 (click for bigger pics – they’re still ok shoes, but they’re scuffed a lot on the heel)

I’ve seen several pairs of sparkly shoes recently, properly glittery ones, and I want some like you wouldn’t believe. But I also have a vast amount of shoes, and no money. So I nipped out and bought some fine glitter glue… and here is the result:


This photo doesn’t really pick up the immense sparkle, but I am SO PLEASED! It took three coats and three days (to make sure it dried properly between coats) and I’ll touch up and set with spray varnish tomorrow. And probably not wear them in the rain, hehe! For once a project worked exactly as I’d seen it in my head, with the silvery sparkle on the main part, and the aqua blue sparkle on the heels. I have many plans for my other tired shoes…

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