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Successfully trimming my own hair – I’ve never taken scissors to my own hair in my life, and I’m (I think justifiably) proud of the length and condition of my hair… but it was desperate for a trim and I have neither the time nor the money to go to a hairdresser. Soo, with the help of Lily (@beautysbadhabit) Lizzums (@talei), whose conversation I was eavesdropping on on Twitter, I did it myself – and it looks ok! 🙂

Seaside happiness – a large chunk of my extended family went to Mersea for the day last weekend, along with my cousin’s boyfriend’s two sisters, so I could meet them (are you following who is related to who closely? There will be questions later :P) It was gorgeous – I relaxed and walked and photographed and chatted and played and caught up. And it was so lovely to be around someone (one of the sisters, Sarah) who understands my book obsession (that’s a whole post in itself!).

Sweet treats – lunchtime hot chocolate and gossiping with a friend.

Skating in Hyde Park. It felt like I’d come home – although I’m still pretty wobbly at times, so many other people there were on skates that I felt completely normal 🙂 Was lovely to spend some time with Jess away from work too, we can never chat properly in the office! This will, weather dependent, be a regular thing from now on.

Lovely comments from lovely Naomi about my blog *warm fuzzies*

My Twitter friends – they’ve been fabulous this week and made me smile when that was the very last thing I wanted to do.

Eating outside – it was Dad’s birthday on Monday and the weather was so nice, we BBQed and sat outside instead of going out for dinner, it was too nice an evening to waste indoors. A lovely week – only slightly marred by being at work instead of at home having fun, lol!