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I have no idea how it’s already Sunday again, this year is whizzing past! So the main thing that’s happened in the past week is that over the Easter weekend I managed to relaunch my Etsy shop… but despite my best intentions this week, I have not managed to add anything to it! This afternoon I’ve been photographing new stock though, so hopefully will get some up this evening.

Things that have made me smile over the past days and weeks included…

Dashing Magazine and 91 Magazine – online, inspirational craft magazines which I can easily read in my lunchbreak from work. Gorgeous.

Instagram for Android – just in time for my new Sony Xperia S. So now I’m snapping away and posting furiously to Instagram all day long – follow me, I’m @duckingfabulous!

Someone telling me at the roller rink that they thought I was a professional (I am in no way professional, but it’s nice to think that I at least look like I know what I’m doing!)Skates

A corset party I went to a couple of weeks ago, and signing up for burlesque class – squeeeee!

Dinner at Sophie’s with Ellie

National Cupcake Week

Seeing Toria for the first time in two years 

MagCloud – how useful is this going to be for catalogues?!

Mum & Dad’s new house – it’s four miles from mine and is utterly gorgeous.

Dad at St Albrights

The four day Easter weekend

My bed – it’s genuinely one of my favourite places inthe world, though I don’t spend much time there

Experiments with new jewellery being a success

Lovely colleagues buying me chocolate (and ironically, then cutting down drastically on it and actually shifting some weight)

Successfully making pork belly and fennel mash despite an oven that wouldn’t play ball. It was lush.

Sales to friends and family, and my first Etsy sales

Changing my pin up name to something that suits me better


I’m a lucky girl, no?!