phone email

Seeing a woman talking into one of these on the way to work on Tuesday:

Kitten album covers at

Completely rebelling and wearing polka dots and daft jewellery to work

Seeing Hannah at the weekend, eating vast amounts and persuading her onto Twitter

Discovering (via Hannah) the wonder of Rocky and Balls (honestly, go and listen, they’re brilliant – my two favourites so far are I Heart You Online and the very appropriate Mo Song,for Movember)

Signing up for A Curious Christmas, just in time!

The return of Wispa Gold (and eating one sneakily in bed)

Wearing stripy purple tights under my boring business dress (it’s clearly a rebellious clothing kind of a week)

MAC lipstick in Lady Bug – it’s the perfect daytime red

 Planning a vintage tea party with Louise

Having my hair cut, it feels amazing!

Unexpected drinks with Sophia

A MUA metallics mini-palette, I’m a little bit in love

Meeting Caitlin for floozie shopping 😛

Accidentally finding myself in Selfridges at 9pm on a Wednesday evening with Julia

It’s been a fabulous week and a half 🙂 (but I apologise for the lack of useful photos)