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Reading: the Marie Claire magazine I bought for the nail varnish and my Twitter handle in print. Forgot to bring an actual book with me.

Writing: Lists of what to take on the rally, lists of what to buy for the rally, blog posts while the boys aren’t looking, in between looking for stuff for the rally 😛

Drinking: Pepsi max and various ciders

Listening: really old CDs in the car, other people’s laptop noises indoors

Buying: vintage skis, rusty stuff and a suitcase full of naughty magazines. 

Enjoying: Knowing my flat is almost there so I can go home and enjoy it instead of freaking out; wandering around random shops, markets and car boot sales looking for equally random stuff to bolt onto the car.

Loving: properly relaxing and realising I worry way too much for no reason… I need to chill out more!