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Oh, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. (I wonder how often I start a blog post with that?) I’ve finally moved, I’m in, the keys have been handed back to the old flat’s agents and my new house feels like home already!

Here are the fabulous daffodils (I ADORE daffs) that Mum and Dad brought me to celebrate moving in. I feel I should point out that the curtains will be changed shortly, and I really should have been buying them flowers – couldn’t have done this move without them!

2013-03-21 08.17.32

And my very first visitors this weekend…


Here are some (probably blurry) photos from the move – am hoping Mum took some of the chaos of boxes, as I completely forgot in the excitement!

Last morning waking up in my old flat

2013-03-12 08.05.04

Amazing shepherds pie at Mum & Dad’s the night before moving day – so much neater top than mine, AND it had chillies in it 🙂 2013-03-13 18.24.29

The TV balanced somewhat precariously on the sink in the new house. It’s found a proper home in my living room now, hehe. 2013-03-15 12.02.35I’ve even had my first visitors already – some of my uni girls came up this weekend, and it was gorgeous to see them. We braved the snow to explore the village, and found the most glorious bookshop, and had lunch in a deli/farm shop cafe, which I suspect is rapidly going to become one of my regular haunts. Look, tea for two in a proper teapot!

2013-03-23 15.01.56

Also had a brief wander in the vintage shop which was just closing – I shall be back there, too.

I love it, I think I’m going to fit in really well here, and it really does feel like home – even though it’s only been ten days. House tour coming soon – when I’ve finished with those pesky boxes!

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