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I have no idea how it’s Saturday again already! This time last week I was in a field with a group of people who, two years ago, I met for the first time. With no reason to meet except they all had the same car as me, I ventured to Duxford to meet them en masse and camp for the weekend. I took one of my best friends for moral support, in case it was horrific.

Three camping trips, many meets and hundreds of ridiculous conversations later, I count them among my dearest friends. I don’t see them as often as I’d like, because we’re scattered around the country, but I cannot imagine not knowing them… and I look forward to the meets when I can see them, chat, catch up, drink and relax. It never fails to amaze me what a fabulous bunch they are, and how accidentally I met them. (and how nearly I didn’t meet them – I almost chickened out of that very first meet!)

Anyway… here are some pics of the weekend for anyone who hasn’t seen them already – some stolen from others as I was driving solo much of the time, and misplaced my camera for half the weekend. It turned up with some brilliant photos on it, very few of which I’d taken!

Fitting many MR2s onto Rob’s driveway…DSC_0651A line of cars driving to breakfast on Saturday (not my photo)line of 2s My Poppy at breakfast after a gorgeous drive through the Yorkshire moors IMG_8832

I found a pony at breakfast (of course I did, I find ponies everywhere. I did however miss the real ones on the treasure hunt!)


Setting up camp. This is Pete’s take on a camper van…

camper van

Over-the-shoulder shot of Brad & James, fellow Essex people in another red ‘2. I think we were stopped at this point. I hope so, or he was driving too close! IMG_8852




The best way to watch a film – with beer, in a tent, in the middle of a field, on an ipad, with fab people…IMG_8860 Anna and I when she arrived on Saturday lunchtimeIMG_8882 It’s like a mini festival…IMG_8885 The inside of Jimmy’s engine – the red parts will soon be adorning the inside of my Poppy, while my stock parts go to him to be turned yellow!


Testing out Beka’s new MX5… cue very cheesy grin!

me in beka's 5 

It rained quite a bit in the evening. We entertained ourselves by taking photos 🙂

Ally, me, Luke and Dan:IMG_8958 Brad, Karine, Jimmy and James. They looked like this a lot more than they looked posed and normal!IMG_8961 Sheltering from the rainIMG_8978 Proof that I can always be relied on to find a camera and grin stupidly at it…IMG_9001 Anna the superhero, arriving with pizza at an unspecified time of night!IMG_9005 

As always, a gorgeous weekend and a highlight of my year. Now I am determined to organise something so I see these guys and girls sooner than next July!

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